Parker Day


by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Parker Day / Model: Rachel Daily / Make-up Artist: Mel Daniel / Hair: Blanca Barajas
Angelyne: 1/8
Angelyne: 2/8
Angelyne: 3/8
Angelyne: 4/8
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Parker Day ‘Angelyne’

Through her work she explores identity & the lifting of the masks we wear. Her focus is on fictionalized portraiture shot in studio, exclusively on 35mm film. The world she creates is populated by colourful eccentrics. She forgoes Photoshopped fantasies in favour of so-called blemishes, fly away hairs, & dust on negatives. This gritty realism serves as a counter point to her refined studio lighting & stylized subjects. Her name is Parker Day, & it’s such a pleasure to be featuring work from one of my favourite photographers.

“Angelyne is an editorial paying homage to Los Angeles’ billboard queen Angelyne. A fixture of Hollywood & an object of cult-like fascination, Angelyne first rose to fame in 1984 after a large billboard campaign appeared all over Los Angeles featuring only her pink-clad self & a phone number. She is credited as being the first person to be famous for being famous.

Brands featured: Trashy Lingerie, Syren Latex, Re-Mix shoes, Hotel de Ville eyewear.



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