Juan Solorzano

‘Ani Kounikova’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Juan Solorzano / Creative director: Juan Solorzano / Art director: Justin Toledo / Model: Ani Suzette / Stylist: Ani Suzette / Make-up Artist: Kate Lunau
Ani Kounikova: 1/5
Ani Kounikova: 2/5
Ani Kounikova: 3/5
Ani Kounikova: 4/5
Ani Kounikova: 5/5

Juan Solorzano ‘Ani Kounikova’

Toronto creative Juan Solorzano brings us a visual story inspired by the iconic Anna Kournikova.

“This was shot during my takeover at @sticks_and_stones_yourspace & its a fun editorial full of tennis fashion, quirkiness & a light touch of sensuality.”



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