Annemarie Sterian

‘Puffy armour’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Annemarie Sterian / Model: Sarah Forth / Model Management: Elite London / Stylist: Vivee Barengo / Make-up Artist: Anja Joy Bont / Hair: Laura Chadwick
Puffy armour: 1/12
Puffy armour: 2/12
Puffy armour: 3/12
Puffy armour: 4/12
Puffy armour: 5/12
Puffy armour: 6/12
Puffy armour: 7/12
Puffy armour: 8/12
Puffy armour: 9/12
Puffy armour: 10/12
Puffy armour: 11/12
Puffy armour: 12/12

Annemarie Sterian ‘Puffy armour’

Italian London based artist/photographer based in London, Annemarie Sterian presents her debut feature starring Sarah Forth.

“In current times, where the world seems to have lost its way, uncertainties prevail. The future is scattered with question marks and, now more than ever, people fear what might occur to them in the outside world. We ultimately all seek safety in our own “cocoon” & where can one feel more protected than in his or her bed? Wrapped in duvets & hugged by pillows we manage to create an armour of softness where dreams take over the scary outer realities.”



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