Jacopo Lancioni

‘Antidote (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

Shoot of the week
17 photographs.
Photographer: Jacopo Lancioni / Model: Diana Islaeva
Antidote (NSFW): 1/17
Antidote (NSFW): 2/17
Antidote (NSFW): 3/17
Antidote (NSFW): 4/17
Antidote (NSFW): 5/17
Antidote (NSFW): 6/17
Antidote (NSFW): 7/17
Antidote (NSFW): 8/17
Antidote (NSFW): 9/17
Antidote (NSFW): 10/17
Antidote (NSFW): 11/17
Antidote (NSFW): 12/17
Antidote (NSFW): 13/17
Antidote (NSFW): 14/17
Antidote (NSFW): 15/17
Antidote (NSFW): 16/17
Antidote (NSFW): 17/17

Jacopo Lancioni ‘Antidote (NSFW)’

Sydney photographer Jacopo Lancioni presents his debut feature starring Diana Islaeva.

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