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Alice Wint ‘Antiquarium’

After falling in love with Amelia via instagram, UK based self taught photographer, Alice Wint knew they had to shoot together. Alice described her as being so much fun to work with because she has this addictive enthusiasm towards everything weird & wonderful. Here is what else she told us about the day…

“I’ve always wanted to use an antique store as a shoot location, they’re so memory invoking and full of treasure. We turned up on the day with nothing but my equipment and just went with the flow. I didn’t want the shoot to be strict & over planned, the best thing about antique stores is never knowing what you’re going to find so I wanted the shoot to be representative of that. It was so much fun hunting through rails and styling as the day went on. The store even had a little old fashioned beauty parlour on the top floor so you know.. when in Rome! At one point a customer started rummaging through my bag thinking it was an antique! Like whoa man, thats my spare camera!”




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