Aqua: 1/11 Aqua: 1/11
Aqua: 2/11 Aqua: 2/11
Aqua: 3/11 Aqua: 3/11
Aqua: 4/11 Aqua: 4/11
Aqua: 5/11 Aqua: 5/11
Aqua: 6/11 Aqua: 6/11
Aqua: 7/11 Aqua: 7/11
Aqua: 8/11 Aqua: 8/11
Aqua: 9/11 Aqua: 9/11
Aqua: 10/11 Aqua: 10/11
Aqua: 11/11 Aqua: 11/11

Alex McDonell ‘Aqua’

LA based photographer, Alex McDonell recently turned the camera on fellow photographer, Maddy Crum & came away with this beautiful Malibu coast series. Now I have a strong craving for some much needed Vitamin D!

“Maddy & I have been fans of each others photo work for a while now. We had never met in person until this shoot, I thought it would be a good way to break the ice & make a new friend, seeing how much I already loved her creative eye. Its also very rare to find a photographer who doubles as a model. We shot at a secret location in Malibu that we found after hopping a fence & bolting through someones backyard.



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