Art (NSFW): 1/13 Art (NSFW): 1/13
Art (NSFW): 2/13 Art (NSFW): 2/13
Art (NSFW): 3/13 Art (NSFW): 3/13
Art (NSFW): 4/13 Art (NSFW): 4/13
Art (NSFW): 5/13 Art (NSFW): 5/13
Art (NSFW): 6/13 Art (NSFW): 6/13
Art (NSFW): 7/13 Art (NSFW): 7/13
Art (NSFW): 8/13 Art (NSFW): 8/13
Art (NSFW): 9/13 Art (NSFW): 9/13
Art (NSFW): 10/13 Art (NSFW): 10/13
Art (NSFW): 11/13 Art (NSFW): 11/13
Art (NSFW): 12/13 Art (NSFW): 12/13
Art (NSFW): 13/13 Art (NSFW): 13/13

Jase Holzer ‘Art (NSFW)’

London analogue photographer Jase Holzer presents his first post-lockdown shoot with artist Fifi Anicah.

“We really set out to capture Fifi as an artist documenting her artistic processes. Luckily we had some old video lights to use as we tried to capture the colour & energy she creates in her artwork.”



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