‘Ask Alice’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Rangefinder35 / Model: Lauren Ruth Ward / Stylist: Arlen Jeremy Farmer
Ask Alice: 1/8
Ask Alice: 2/8
Ask Alice: 3/8
Ask Alice: 4/8
Ask Alice: 5/8
Ask Alice: 6/8
Ask Alice: 7/8
Ask Alice: 8/8

Rangefinder35 ‘Ask Alice’

Analogue photographer, Rangefinder35 presents his latest dreamy series starring Lauren Ruth Ward.

“This series is based on the song White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane. Lauren is a talented musician who’s spent many days traveling from one hotel to the next. With a seedy Hollywood hotel as our location, we decided that she’s alone with her thoughts, experiencing the ecstasy and agony of a good trip.”



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