James Beddoes

‘At home with Sam’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: James Beddoes / Starring: Samantha Bentley
At home with Sam: 1/9
At home with Sam: 2/9
At home with Sam: 3/9
At home with Sam: 4/9
At home with Sam: 5/9
At home with Sam: 6/9
At home with Sam: 7/9
At home with Sam: 8/9
At home with Sam: 9/9

James Beddoes ‘At home with Sam’

Musical alien, Penthouse pet, yogi, DJ, Samantha Bentley, took a break from the studio where she has been busy putting finishing touches on her first original music set (to be released in May), to shoot with our boi, James Beddoes.

“With this shoot I wanted to capture Sam as a person who is cool & interesting & avoid the trappings of over-sexualising women who have been in adult entertainment.”

If the photos aren’t awesome enough, Sam also put together a Sticks & Stones March mix (enclosed).



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