Julia Granda


by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Julia Granda / Model: Julieta Hooft / Model Management: Lo Management / Stylist: Ana Pàez / HMUA: Rocio Marrodan / Talent Agency: Calcarami Studio
Audition: 1/8
Audition: 2/8
Audition: 3/8
Audition: 4/8
Audition: 5/8
Audition: 6/8
Audition: 7/8
Audition: 8/8

Julia Granda ‘Audition’

Everything thats coming out of Buenos Aires at the moment is fucking gold! ‘Audition’ found its way to us via photographer Julia Granda & stylist Ana Páez & tells the story of a girl trying to break into show business.



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