Eric Morales


by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Eric Morales / Model: Meggie Copeland
Babygirl: 1/13
Babygirl: 2/13
Babygirl: 3/13
Babygirl: 4/13
Babygirl: 5/13
Babygirl: 6/13
Babygirl: 7/13
Babygirl: 8/13
Babygirl: 9/13
Babygirl: 10/13
Babygirl: 11/13
Babygirl: 12/13
Babygirl: 13/13

Eric Morales ‘Babygirl’

On a gloomy Tuesday morning in the suburbs of Austin, Eric Morales meets his latest muse, Meggie Copeland.

“Eric & I finished up a men’s street style editorial & were both feeling creative & had the rest of the afternoon off. So, we continued to roam around, observing the streets. It was a slow Tuesday afternoon & we were surrounded by a lack of colour. The streets were void of punk-rock realness. So, we were inspired to become the bold recklessness we want to see every single day on the streets.”



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