Ari Gato

‘Back down to Earth’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

4 photographs.
Photographer: Ari Gato / Model: Mia Pollini
Back down to Earth: 1/4
Back down to Earth: 2/4
Back down to Earth: 3/4
Back down to Earth: 4/4

Ari Gato ‘Back down to Earth’

Despite having broken out in hives that morning, Ari Gato welcomed her latest muse, Mia Pollini into her home after meeting on instagram.

“Funny enough, shooting photos with Mia brought me back down to earth & the hives went away once we had started working together. She’s got this natural beauty look going for her & a very easy going personality. She seemed to be rather amused by me because I would literally be climbing up on top of drawers & angled in weird positions to get some shots. I was especially thrilled when she began complimenting my music taste & we basically hit it off as friends from there.”



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