Fernando Paz

‘Bad manners’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Fernando Paz / CinematographerEduardo Valderrama / Model: Hannah Cee / Talent Agency: Red Model Management / Stylist: Patricia Cedeño / HMUA: Veronica Velez
Bad manners: 1/9
Bad manners: 2/9
Bad manners: 3/9
Bad manners: 4/9
Bad manners: 5/9
Bad manners: 6/9
Bad manners: 7/9
Bad manners: 8/9
Bad manners: 9/9

Bad Manners for Ticks and stones agency from Eduardo Valderrama on Vimeo.

Fernando Paz ‘Bad manners’

NYC photographer, Fernando Paz brings us new stunning work.

“We wanted to create a story that portrays bad manners in a nice way. Showing this lack of graciousness in a cute form, was the inspiration for the shooting.

We are normally looking for everything to look great & beautiful. This time we were looking for the exact opposite. We love the contrast in the images & the location, a typical New York apartment.

Hannah was amazing! She instantly understood her role & transformed herself into a totally different person. At times I didn’t recognise her 🙂 The photo shoot was extremely fun thanks to the creative team.”



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