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TBP ‘Bae watch’

I kept this shoot in the bag for Sexy Saturday because my bb, Jasmine sure is sexy. She’s also super nice BTW. recently she met up with a photographer who goes by the name TBP in Sydney’s CBD with only half an hour to spare before his flight out of there. They stopped by his friends apartment to throw some wardrobe together & headed up to the pool area.

After shooting for 10 mins the security guard came over just as Jasmine stepped knee deep into the spa wearing the super high cut, black leather one piece. He let them continue when they  told him they were doing a school project… Sounds like he was just too confused to bother. It’s amazing what you can get away with when you confuse people. When I had yellow hair I could pretty much do whatever I wanted.

After the very quick shoot, TBP ran 6 blocks through the city with all of his luggage to get back to the car & off to the airport, making it to his flight only minutes before gate closure. All well worth the sweaty flight back home.



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