Lexa Kim

‘bag it up (NSFW)’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Lexa Kim / Model: Julia Gur / Stylist: Kristina Busko / Assistant photographer: Marie Lourier / Production: Freya
bag it up (NSFW): 1/11
bag it up (NSFW): 2/11
bag it up (NSFW): 3/11
bag it up (NSFW): 4/11
bag it up (NSFW): 5/11
bag it up (NSFW): 6/11
bag it up (NSFW): 7/11
bag it up (NSFW): 8/11
bag it up (NSFW): 9/11
bag it up (NSFW): 10/11
bag it up (NSFW): 11/11

Lexa Kim ‘bag it up (NSFW)’

Our favourite Russian team is back with another rad af series captured on film by Lexa Kim.

“The words that no one speaks about the night before. She stares off at the road, her finger taps the door. She’s seen the film before but stayed until the end!”

#russia #film #flash #quirky #night #car #carpark



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