Joseph Maddon


by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Photographer: Joseph Maddon / Model: Madison Flowers / Model: Chey
Bake: 1/15
Bake: 2/15
Bake: 3/15
Bake: 4/15
Bake: 5/15
Bake: 6/15
Bake: 7/15
Bake: 8/15
Bake: 9/15
Bake: 10/15
Bake: 11/15
Bake: 12/15
Bake: 13/15
Bake: 14/15
Bake: 15/15

Joseph Maddon ‘Bake’

This shoot screams “summer”. Hot days, swimsuit & lots of colour. This is ‘Bake’ by Joseph Maddon starring best friends Madison & Chey.

Joey didn’t have to give us much direction. Instead, he encouraged us to interact & he shot us on film while we were just hanging out. He’s so talented & has an eye for capturing the natural beauty that everybody shows in everyday moments.”



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