Baked: 1/8 Baked: 1/8
Baked: 2/8 Baked: 2/8
Baked: 3/8 Baked: 3/8
Baked: 4/8 Baked: 4/8
Baked: 5/8 Baked: 5/8
Baked: 6/8 Baked: 6/8
Baked: 7/8 Baked: 7/8
Baked: 8/8 Baked: 8/8

Julian Vector ‘Baked’

Looking at these gorgeous images you would never know that this was only the second shoot that Julian Vector ever¬†worked on. The first one was published too! Some poeple are just naturals & I fucking love that you can fall into an art like that & discover your talent over night… almost by¬†accident. & like most of you would know, once you discover photography, there is no turning back!



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