Bambie –

Peter McGuire


by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Peter McGuire / Model: Bambie Lane
Bambie: 1/12
Bambie: 2/12
Bambie: 3/12
Bambie: 4/12
Bambie: 5/12
Bambie: 6/12
Bambie: 7/12
Bambie: 8/12
Bambie: 9/12
Bambie: 10/12
Bambie: 11/12
Bambie: 12/12

Peter McGuire ‘Bambie’

Fellow QLD creative, Peter Mcguire brings us new work starring Bambie Lane.

“Being a musician can create bonds with other musicians, even if you have only just met. Be it performing,  jamming together, or even just listening to music with another muso, there is a common ground shared. I knew Zowie was performing around town with her band as the bass player so I knew there would be something to talk about when we first met for the shoot. What I wasn’t expecting was her impressive collection of 70s funk vinyl in a crate by the front door. After putting on some Parliament and funkadelic we found a groove. George Clinton and Bootsy must take some credit for these images.”



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