Bernat Paul

‘Barrio Fino’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Bernat Paul / Model: Valentina de Maio / Model Management: Pink Models / Stylist: Florencia Cordara / Make-up Artist: Dolores Piqué
Barrio Fino: 1/5
Barrio Fino: 2/5
Barrio Fino: 3/5
Barrio Fino: 4/5
Barrio Fino: 5/5

Bernat Paul ‘Barrio Fino’

Buenos Aires photographer Bernat Paul & his team bring us ‘Barrio Fino’ starring Valentina de Maio.

“The bars, people screaming at the basketball court, naked torsos, sweat, the heat, the bouncing balls, the hoop, more people screaming inside the court, a plastic bottle cut in half & a prepared drink, sport, friendship, Sunday afternoon, the train at the station, suspicious looks, homeless people, drunken guys, workers, kids at the square, people who take their dogs for a walk, the ones who smoke weed on the bank, Barrio Fino”.



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