Sarah Eiseman

‘Basic Intimacy’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Sarah Eiseman / Model: Morgynn
Basic Intimacy: 1/9
Basic Intimacy: 2/9
Basic Intimacy: 3/9
Basic Intimacy: 4/9
Basic Intimacy: 5/9
Basic Intimacy: 6/9
Basic Intimacy: 7/9
Basic Intimacy: 8/9
Basic Intimacy: 9/9

Sarah Eiseman ‘Basic Intimacy’

Therapist by day & feeler of emotions by night, Texas dweller, Sarah Eiseman carries a camera in every purse she owns & typically shoots whoever she’s spending time with.

“Morgynn & I both shoot photos, & this particular night was the last day of our vacation at an incredible Air bnb. We guzzled 2-3 bottles of wine, turned up some music, shots self portraits & each other. It’s how we typically hangout & work together, but this series came out especially intimate & pulls every one of my heart strings.”



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