Yana Uvarova

‘Basic society’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

Shoot of the week
14 photographs.
Photographer: Yana Uvarova / Model: Marina Goldina / Model: Dmitry Abdullin / Model Management: New Models Voronezh / Stylist: Yana Uvarova / HMUA: Daria Kotok
Basic society: 1/14
Basic society: 2/14
Basic society: 3/14
Basic society: 4/14
Basic society: 5/14
Basic society: 6/14
Basic society: 7/14
Basic society: 8/14
Basic society: 9/14
Basic society: 10/14
Basic society: 11/14
Basic society: 12/14
Basic society: 13/14
Basic society: 14/14

Yana Uvarova ‘Basic society’

Yana Uvarova uses portrait & fashion photography to create a new world & take everyone there with her. ‘Basic society’ is her latest stunning work inspired by a small town in Russia called Voronezh.

“The story is about two teenagers who want to be fashionable & stylish in the village where they live, but they only have their grannie’s vintage wardrobe to play with. We really wanted to show how difficult is to be yourself in that little village where young people feel so under pressure by basic society. Be sexy, feel good, wherever that leads you.”



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