Haris Nukem

‘Bath bomb’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Haris Nukem / Model: Lily Newmark
Bath bomb: 1/10
Bath bomb: 2/10
Bath bomb: 3/10
Bath bomb: 4/10
Bath bomb: 5/10
Bath bomb: 6/10
Bath bomb: 7/10
Bath bomb: 8/10
Bath bomb: 9/10
Bath bomb: 10/10

Haris Nukem ‘Bath bomb’

This is our first post in over 2 weeks since our website started migrating to a new server. To say I missed it is a massive understatement! God its good to be back! I have so many amazing shoots sitting here that I cant wait to show you & to kick things off I wanted to start with one of my favourites. This is ‘Bath Bomb’ starring Lily Newmark by Haris Nukem, yet another new favourite photographer 🙂




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