Stephanie Bonnefoy


by: Ainsley Hutchence

6 photographs.
Photographer: Stephanie Bonnefoy / Model: Samantha Jane / HMUA: Kathrine Fussey
Batik: 1/6
Batik: 2/6
Batik: 3/6
Batik: 4/6
Batik: 5/6
Batik: 6/6

Stephanie Bonnefoy ‘Batik’

Its a pleasure to introduce you to a new contributor with her debut series. This is ‘Batik’ by London creative with a passion for 35mm film, Stephanie Bonnefoy.

“All three of us knew exactly what we wanted & what the outcome would be, our “vision” was so similar we where finding ourselves shouting the same ideas at each other at the same time. We did it in Katherine’s house (mansion) & by the time I had arrived she had piles of outfits laid out. I’ve never been so jealous of someones wardrobe, so we pretty much just played dress up for the day!! I had wanted to shoot Kathrine forever. We met at performing arts collage & although I went in a different direction, Kathrine is still pursuing her career in singing & song writing & wanted some shots for her music. I thought the best way to show the world what she was about was to make her style herself…. & look how bloody beautiful she looks, absolute sauce pot!

The day was hilarious. Katherine is possibly one of the funniest girls I know & Samantha, the MUA, was so on point it made every shot a breeze. I got cheese & chorizo on toast, I got tears of laughter, I got to throw about bundles of beautiful clothes around, so despite being wrecked from the night before & my husky digging up Katherine’s parents back garden, the day was pretty darn perfect!”



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