Leonard Drorian

‘Bavarian Summer’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Leonard Drorian / Model: Maria Kn
Bavarian Summer: 1/10
Bavarian Summer: 2/10
Bavarian Summer: 3/10
Bavarian Summer: 4/10
Bavarian Summer: 5/10
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Bavarian Summer: 10/10

Leonard Drorian ‘Bavarian Summer’

Leonard Drorian shows us what a true Bavarian Summer looks like with his muse Maria Kn.

“Almighty hot summer day, scorching asphalt on the streets outside, no shade to hide from the boiling sun. No Pools or splashy escapes anywhere nearby. Inside, in this Bavarian chalet in the middle of Berlin, it seems like another world. The fan is cooling down the air, red & white checked wallpaper decorates the space, a heart-shaped hole in its wooden door, pastel colour coordinated books on the shelf, nostalgic flower paintings grace the light coloured wood panelled walls. A, most importantly, there is a bathtub near the window filled with turquoise water as well as Club Mate, the caffeinated german lemonade everybody in Berlin gets hooked on at some point, to kill the thirst. Put on your bathing suit & dive in.”

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