Don Lim

‘Be mine’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Don Lim / Model: Victoria Pedro / Model: Alysia Brunst
Be mine: 1/12
Be mine: 2/12
Be mine: 3/12
Be mine: 4/12
Be mine: 5/12
Be mine: 6/12
Be mine: 7/12
Be mine: 8/12
Be mine: 9/12
Be mine: 10/12
Be mine: 11/12
Be mine: 12/12

Don Lim ‘Be mine’

Under his artist name ‘Raw & Instant’, Don Lim has been pioneering the resurrection of instant film since 2012. Setting digital aside, ‘Raw & Instant’ serves the exact purpose of what its name entails: Raw, unedited, instant film photography. “The basis & goal of this project was to be completely unorthodox to how model photography is seen”.

Today it is our pleasure to show you one of his latest projects. Just in time for sexy Saturday, here is ‘Be mine’ starring Victoria Pedro & her BFF, Alysia Brunst.

Keep film alive 🙂



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