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Joyce Bonelli & Grizz ‘Beauté’

With a call time of 9pm & a team made up of creative geniuses & hot babes, a beauty story is born. This is ‘Beauté’ by fashion/celebrity photographer Grizz Lee in collaboration with celebrity makeup artist, designer & creative director, Joyce Bonelli.

“We shot until a little after 2am. Late night shoots are the best. It’s much easier to focus & get lost in the story. We converted Joyce’s living room into a studio by rearranging her massive day-bed- esque couch, countless stacks of coffee table books & also a giant tiger. I was playing music from my laptop. A lot of reggae. Somehow reggae put us in the creative mind state of early 2000s grunge/metal visuals. Go figure.

It was a fun journey bringing these bold makeup & hair looks to life & messing around with some dope clothes (including a sneak peak of Joyce’s new line that includes patent leather & latex pants).”



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