Jenny Weitzman

‘Bed of roses’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

5 photographs.
Photographer: Jenny Weitzman / Model: Julia Johnson / Model: Sydney Anna
Bed of roses: 1/5
Bed of roses: 2/5
Bed of roses: 3/5
Bed of roses: 4/5
Bed of roses: 5/5

Jenny Weitzman ‘Bed of roses’

This shoot was spontaneous, fun & empowering for three good friends who look to each other for inspiration & new ways to collaborate. This is ‘Bed of Roses’, our debut series captures by Montreal-native Jenny Weitzman.

“We’re each other’s biggest fans. We called each other one rainy weekend, all with the same mood – we all felt like crap & desired to feel hot (because we deserve to… you know?) Our go-to fix was a photoshoot. Jenny’s got the film, Julia’s got the house (& wine) & I’ve got the clothes. It is always the perfect remedy.”

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