Sami Oliver Nakari


by: Ainsley Hutchence

15 photographs.
Photographer: Sami Oliver Nakari / Model: Brenda Ntale / Model Management: Boom Models Management Milan / Stylist: Roberta Beschi
Brenda: 1/15
Brenda: 2/15
Brenda: 3/15
Brenda: 4/15
Brenda: 5/15
Brenda: 6/15
Brenda: 7/15
Brenda: 8/15
Brenda: 9/15
Brenda: 10/15
Brenda: 11/15
Brenda: 12/15
Brenda: 13/15
Brenda: 14/15
Brenda: 15/15

Sami Oliver Nakari ‘Brenda’

Sami Oliver Nakari brings us a stunning debut fashion story starring the incredible Brenda Ntale.

Wardrobe; Effusive, Dariia Monde, Carine, Theo, Moscot, Chiara Boni, Glasses Moscot, De Luca Bosso, Sandro Ferrone, Weekday, Mari Brenar.



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