Benderness: 1/10 Benderness: 1/10
Benderness: 2/10 Benderness: 2/10
Benderness: 3/10 Benderness: 3/10
Benderness: 4/10 Benderness: 4/10
Benderness: 5/10 Benderness: 5/10
Benderness: 6/10 Benderness: 6/10
Benderness: 7/10 Benderness: 7/10
Benderness: 8/10 Benderness: 8/10
Benderness: 9/10 Benderness: 9/10
Benderness: 10/10 Benderness: 10/10

Elisa Campos ‘Benderness’

Elisa Ferreira Rocha Campos specialises in photographing women that inspire her. Today she brings us her debut portrait series out of São Paulo starring

“For me, Nina expresses so well the “generation z” vibes with her looks & gender-benderness, & also is a sweetheart & so easy to work with. I’m always so excited to plan the makeup & styling looks that we’re going to try together. We shot this one at my apartment building in São Paulo, Brazil.”



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