Berliner: 1/10 Berliner: 1/10
Berliner: 2/10 Berliner: 2/10
Berliner: 3/10 Berliner: 3/10
Berliner: 4/10 Berliner: 4/10
Berliner: 5/10 Berliner: 5/10
Berliner: 6/10 Berliner: 6/10
Berliner: 7/10 Berliner: 7/10
Berliner: 8/10 Berliner: 8/10
Berliner: 9/10 Berliner: 9/10
Berliner: 10/10 Berliner: 10/10

Lenaïg Chatel ‘Berliner’

Parisian creative Lenaig Chatel & Berliner model, Maria mixed their styles to create this series about daily life in Berlin.

“Despite the cold Berlin winter, Maria & I decided to fight against it & shoot outdoors while keeping that touch of sensuality of the female body. These outfits also reflect how Berlin is. Dark but with lot of colours.”



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