Kate Dyomina

‘Bethnal green out’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Kate Dyomina / Model: Ami Benton
Bethnal green out: 1/9
Bethnal green out: 2/9
Bethnal green out: 3/9
Bethnal green out: 4/9
Bethnal green out: 5/9
Bethnal green out: 6/9
Bethnal green out: 7/9
Bethnal green out: 8/9
Bethnal green out: 9/9

Kate Dyomina ‘Bethnal green out’

London creative, Kate Dyomina meets Ami Benton outside Bethnal Green station with nothing but a rucksack full of clothes & a camera round her neck.

“We got on so well instantly that the whole shoot felt like old two friends catching up taking some super cool photos in between laughing fits. Bethnal Green was our playground for the day. We ran around created funny storylines & characters which ended up in us snapping such raw images that were so in the moment & spontaneous.. It just worked!”



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