Cherokee Neas

‘Bettie blue’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Cherokee Neas / Model: Lindsay Mancini / Stylist: Cherokee Neas
Bettie blue: 1/7
Bettie blue: 2/7
Bettie blue: 3/7
Bettie blue: 4/7
Bettie blue: 5/7
Bettie blue: 6/7
Bettie blue: 7/7

Cherokee Neas ‘Bettie blue’

With a penchant for nostalgia & her eyes fixated in the past, here is ‘Bettie Blue’ by Los Angeles based photographer/stylist, Cherokee Neas starring Lindsay Mancini, aka DJ Bettie Blue.

“Bettie Blue is my cowgirl pin-up dream girl. We holed up at ‘The Farmer’s Daughter Hotel’ for this intimate shoot where we listened to old school country music all day. I wanted the shoot to look like an old Technicolor musical with really vibrant colors and over-the-top kitsch.”



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