Between rain –

Katya Simkin

‘Between rain’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Katya Simkin / Model: Valentina Ferrari D'Agostini
Between rain: 1/7
Between rain: 2/7
Between rain: 3/7
Between rain: 4/7
Between rain: 5/7
Between rain: 6/7
Between rain: 7/7

Katya Simkin ‘Between rain’

Specialising in portraits of girls, showcasing their beautiful curves & colours, Argentina photographer, Katya Simkin is back with her latest gorgeous film series.

“We took these photos in Posadas, Misiones, in the promenade near the river. I’t was a rainy day so we had to wait for it to clear. There was a lot of mud, but in the end it was a really nice experience.”



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