Troy Freyee

‘Big Daddy’s’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

12 photographs.
Photographer: Troy Freyee / Model: Tristan Allison
Big Daddy’s: 1/12
Big Daddy’s: 2/12
Big Daddy’s: 3/12
Big Daddy’s: 4/12
Big Daddy’s: 5/12
Big Daddy’s: 6/12
Big Daddy’s: 7/12
Big Daddy’s: 8/12
Big Daddy’s: 9/12
Big Daddy’s: 10/12
Big Daddy’s: 11/12
Big Daddy’s: 12/12

Troy Freyee ‘Big Daddy’s’

Recently I visited Sydney with my BFF & fellow Queensland creative Troy Freyee. He left our hotel for a few hours with a couple of cameras & a handful of clothes & came back with this awesome series starring Tristan Allison being a stud all around Newtown.

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