Bird of paradise –

Hef Prentice

‘Bird of paradise’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Hef Prentice / Model: Macarena Guerra-García / Stylist: Hef Prentice
Bird of paradise: 1/9
Bird of paradise: 2/9
Bird of paradise: 3/9
Bird of paradise: 4/9
Bird of paradise: 5/9
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Bird of paradise: 7/9
Bird of paradise: 8/9
Bird of paradise: 9/9

Hef Prentice ‘Bird of paradise’

Buenos Aires photographer, Hef Prentice, captures the blurry line between darkness & innocence, desire & restraint. Her young subjects, donning fishnet tights & sheer underwear, inhabit decadent interiors hidden from the outside world. Capturing intimate atmospheres on 35mm film, the young analog photographer casts a curious eye on young sensuality. It’s such a pleasure to introduce a new contributor with her debut series starring, Macarena Garcia Guerra.

“Macarena & I met that morning. Immediately, we became very close. We put a James Blake CD on & forgot about the camera as a technical object… it suddenly became a magical element. We visited all the corners of the house, almost like floating, & we even wore exotic flowers from the amazon that were in the backyard. Everything about that day was harmonious.”



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