Paul Gisle

‘Birthday boredom’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Paul Gisle / Art director: Brooke Olimpieri / Model: Cali Linde / Model Management: Aston Models LA / Stylist: Brooke Olimpieri / HMUA: Nicola Hamilton
Birthday boredom: 1/11
Birthday boredom: 2/11
Birthday boredom: 3/11
Birthday boredom: 4/11
Birthday boredom: 5/11
Birthday boredom: 6/11
Birthday boredom: 7/11
Birthday boredom: 8/11
Birthday boredom: 9/11
Birthday boredom: 10/11
Birthday boredom: 11/11

Paul Gisle ‘Birthday boredom’

In collaboration with our girl, Brooke Olimpieri, US contemporary photographer, Paul Gisle brings us his debut feature.

“It was Cali’s birthday & I think that says quite a lot about the shoot. She arrived sporting a new, small tattoo from the day before & was clearly channeling that bored rich girl hanging around & looking for ways to occupy herself. The shoot itself was very chill & I think the fact that Brooke & Cali are such good friends & were able to hang, really made for a nice birthday. It was an awesome thing to watch & photograph. I would do it every day & it would never get old!”



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