Georgina Solomon

‘Bitchin’ & sippin’’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Georgina Solomon / Creative director: Georgina Solomon / Model: Sean D. Stach / Model Management: Fitness Models / Model: Alexis Tehel / Stylist: Alexis Tehel
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Georgina Solomon ‘Bitchin’ & sippin’’

I had signed off from working for the next two days about 10 hours ago (it’s Christmas eve in Australia). That is until my friend slash creative genius, Georgina Solomon text me about a Christmas shoot she just pumped out. Based on, well everything she’s ever made, I knew this would be worth scooping myself out of my perfectly moulded couch for. So, here I am… Drunk… 8pm… Christmas eve… scheduling in another awesome Christmas series.

“Dumped in the middle of a baron grass field – that may as well have been straw – is a tacky Christmas themed carnival with reindeers & $5 Sno Cones that we can’t afford. Our gang set up at the Dodge ‘Ems with a reindeer who introduces herself as Rihanna – Rihanna the Reindeer – who obligingly is taking photos with us despite her costume in the most ridiculous heat. Speaking of which, there is something deeply unsettling about this amount of fake snow & winter themed ornaments when there’s sweat dripping down your butt crack. A couple of hot cones (of chips) later & a ride on the Merry-Go-Round, we got friendly with an inflatable Santa & his chair. At that point the site manager may or may not have yelled “GET OUT” from behind the Laughing Clowns & the day was done. Noted: nudity around children is not taken lightly.

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