BKK2559: 1/9 BKK2559: 1/9
BKK2559: 2/9 BKK2559: 2/9
BKK2559: 3/9 BKK2559: 3/9
BKK2559: 4/9 BKK2559: 4/9
BKK2559: 5/9 BKK2559: 5/9
BKK2559: 6/9 BKK2559: 6/9
BKK2559: 7/9 BKK2559: 7/9
BKK2559: 8/9 BKK2559: 8/9
BKK2559: 9/9 BKK2559: 9/9

Ash Alexander ‘BKK2559’

Ash Alexander recently revisited the Bangkok condo & neighbourhood she grew up in to shoot this awesome 35mm film series starring Peamthakorn Phancharoensin.

“I have a mutual friend with Ank & loved her style so I invited her over to shoot & smoke up. We spent a few hours walking around the area, along the khlong (like a canal) & in a cutty side-street that only people who live nearby really know about. I never see any foreigners there, it’s a little sliver of Bangkok that feels close to me & I had been wanting to shoot there for a while.”



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