Tsele Tommy Nthane

‘Blades of Glory’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Tsele Tommy Nthane / Model: Yolanda Galada
Blades of Glory: 1/7
Blades of Glory: 2/7
Blades of Glory: 3/7
Blades of Glory: 4/7
Blades of Glory: 5/7
Blades of Glory: 6/7
Blades of Glory: 7/7

Tsele Tommy Nthane ‘Blades of Glory’

Having not seen each other for months Cape Town creatives Tsele & Yolanda hit the suburbs for their debut series. This is ‘Blades of Glory.’

“With everything under lockdown, Yolanda skating reminded us there’s so much to be grateful for during this crazy time. We met in a local Cape Town neighbourhood with long serene streets. The sun was out, it was the middle of winter & we spent the afternoon catching up after not having seen each other in months. We loved the outcome of the shoot & the chance to create some magic with the craziness of the world as the backdrop.”



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