Adam Fraser


by: Ainsley Hutchence

7 photographs.
Photographer: Adam Fraser / Model: Cadence Hooks
Blaze: 1/7
Blaze: 2/7
Blaze: 3/7
Blaze: 4/7
Blaze: 5/7
Blaze: 6/7
Blaze: 7/7

Adam Fraser ‘Blaze’

Inspired by queens, Ellen Von Unwerth & Kate Moss, here is ‘Blaze’ by NYC photographer Adam Fraser starring Cadence Hooks.

Cadence & I have been friends for a while & hadn’t worked together before. We did the shoot in a friends kitchen in Bushwick, Brooklyn, & tried to create a casual late night munchies kind of vibe with a cinematic feel. This was my first time doing a shoot like this so luckily I have a super babe friend who made it easy!”



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