Nicole Pagan

‘Block party’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Photographer: Nicole Pagan / CinematographerNicole Pagan / Art director: Nicole Pagan / Model: Roxy Pryor / Model: Cali Lindle
Block party: 1/9
Block party: 2/9
Block party: 3/9
Block party: 4/9
Block party: 5/9
Block party: 6/9
Block party: 7/9
Block party: 8/9
Block party: 9/9

cali&roxy for Sticks and Stones Magazine from Nicole Pagan on Vimeo.

Nicole Pagan ‘Block party’

Our girl, Nicole Pagan is back with yet another gorgeous vintage inspired film set. Her models, Cali & Roxy do an amazing job of taking us back to a simpler time when we knew our neighbours & hung out in the streets with our homies.



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