Soledad Kubat

‘Blond Winter’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

13 photographs.
Photographer: Soledad Kubat / Model: Estefanía Mangione / Stylist: Josefina Rossi / Make-up Artist: Lula Rocket
Blond Winter: 1/13
Blond Winter: 2/13
Blond Winter: 3/13
Blond Winter: 4/13
Blond Winter: 5/13
Blond Winter: 6/13
Blond Winter: 7/13
Blond Winter: 8/13
Blond Winter: 9/13
Blond Winter: 10/13
Blond Winter: 11/13
Blond Winter: 12/13
Blond Winter: 13/13

Soledad Kubat ‘Blond Winter’

On his last day in Argentina, Soledad Kubat meets his team to shoot a new series inspired by Colour & sensuality.

“I have wanted to work with Estefanía for a while now. I wanted to capture Estefi’s gaze which is captivating. It was my last shoot on Argentina so it was very emotional for me.”



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