Motel Room 27


by: Ainsley Hutchence

9 photographs.
Production: Motel Room 27 / Photographer: Roy Dagon / Production: Shay / Art director: Shay / Model: Noy / Make-up Artist: Amit Ovdat
Bloodbath: 1/9
Bloodbath: 2/9
Bloodbath: 3/9
Bloodbath: 4/9
Bloodbath: 5/9
Bloodbath: 6/9
Bloodbath: 7/9
Bloodbath: 8/9
Bloodbath: 9/9

Motel Room 27 ‘Bloodbath’

Tel Aviv creative collective ‘Motel Room 27’ present their latest feature. This is ‘Bloodbath’ starring Noy.

“The concept was in shay’s mind for a long time. When photographer Roy told her all about the location at the Dave hotel in Tel Aviv, right there & then everything clicked perfectly & shay as the producer and art director instantly thought about Noy as the model for this project. Noy has that fire in her eyes, she’s a strong woman & she owns her femininity, for Shay, Roy & Noy that was exactly what the concept was all about. “



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