Jason Dobrowolski

‘Blood rose’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

11 photographs.
Photographer: Jason Dobrowolski / Words: Zena Dubray / Model: Maya King / Model: Zena Dubray / Stylist: Zena Dubray
Blood rose: 1/11
Blood rose: 2/11
Blood rose: 3/11
Blood rose: 4/11
Blood rose: 5/11
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Blood rose: 11/11

Jason Dobrowolski ‘Blood rose’

From the streets of Melbourne, we bring you ‘Blood Rose’. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

“Laughter tore through the moonlit street.

Ghostly purple puffs defy shadows. Harsh rose coloured blood drips through penitentiary steal pillars. Shiny blue eyes gleam golden desires of intimate feminine 6 inch heel knives. Crossing through black water tides, submerged in paint lit nights. Pimps gather and stalk artificial lights. Haunting the graveyard where the dead will soon arise. Midnight strikes, Blood Rose hides as Frankenstein’s prize.

The stone wall encases it’s 5-star resort and shows no remorse. Gargoyles and gremlins seek higher ground. Smoke follows blistering green flames and scar tissue revealed. Tattoos reflecting the past worn as badges of honour. Moist lips stain the lace of her victim. Sipping smoothly on harsh influences and terror. Her silhouette disappears between the hedges. Paparazzi flashes captures nothing but the figure’s wide brim hat in the distance.

Uncomfortable laughter pierced through invisible darkness.”

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