Dominoe Farris


by: Ainsley Hutchence

10 photographs.
Photographer: Dominoe Farris / Model: Nina Tarr / Model: Jesse Salto / Model: Bunny Urick / Model: Max Baumgarten / Model: Dominoe Farris
Bloodhound: 1/10
Bloodhound: 2/10
Bloodhound: 3/10
Bloodhound: 4/10
Bloodhound: 5/10
Bloodhound: 6/10
Bloodhound: 7/10
Bloodhound: 8/10
Bloodhound: 9/10
Bloodhound: 10/10

Dominoe Farris ‘Bloodhound’

Obvi, I adore this! Perfect warm up for the weekend, here is ‘Bloodhound’ by Dominoe Farris & here is what she told us about her gorgeous series…

“Off the bowsprit of a 100 foot wooden sailboat named ‘Bloodhound’ that my father built, my beautiful friends took off their clothes and experienced pure joy and freedom as we sailed back from Catalina.”




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