Blossom: 1/8 Blossom: 1/8
Blossom: 2/8 Blossom: 2/8
Blossom: 3/8 Blossom: 3/8
Blossom: 4/8 Blossom: 4/8
Blossom: 5/8 Blossom: 5/8
Blossom: 6/8 Blossom: 6/8
Blossom: 7/8 Blossom: 7/8
Blossom: 8/8 Blossom: 8/8

Bridget Baker ‘Blossom’

In the same way many modern friendships blossom, Portland creative, Bridget Baker met her gorgeous muse on Instagram.

“Xain came over & played dress up. She’s a sweet & soft spoken girl that knows what she wants, & she’s good at articulating it.”



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