Blossom: 1/8 Blossom: 1/8
Blossom: 2/8 Blossom: 2/8
Blossom: 3/8 Blossom: 3/8
Blossom: 4/8 Blossom: 4/8
Blossom: 5/8 Blossom: 5/8
Blossom: 6/8 Blossom: 6/8
Blossom: 7/8 Blossom: 7/8
Blossom: 8/8 Blossom: 8/8

David Jorre ‘Blossom’

With the bright spring sun in the sky, it’s warm glow on her face sheltered by blossoms, her hair whirled & twirled between the branches of London’s Regent Park. She’s surrounded in a blissful solitude breathing the winds. This is Lara O captured by UK photographer, David Jorre.



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