Blossom: 1/10 Blossom: 1/10
Blossom: 2/10 Blossom: 2/10
Blossom: 3/10 Blossom: 3/10
Blossom: 4/10 Blossom: 4/10
Blossom: 5/10 Blossom: 5/10
Blossom: 6/10 Blossom: 6/10
Blossom: 7/10 Blossom: 7/10
Blossom: 8/10 Blossom: 8/10
Blossom: 9/10 Blossom: 9/10
Blossom: 10/10 Blossom: 10/10

Liza Boone ‘Blossom’

Playing with flowers & booze in a beautiful Silverlake (California) apartment sounds like ideal working conditions to me! ‘Blossom’ was created by an all-girl dream team, starring the beautiful Sophie Seymour & shot by Liza Boone.

“This series is about a girl finding her identity, digging through the scars from her past, bruised & battered, yet finding her way towards the light & embracing the beauty of life & being a woman.”



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