Bruna Reis

‘Boate Azul’

by: Ainsley Hutchence

8 photographs.
Photographer: Bruna Reis / Model: Laura Fraiz-Grijalba
Boate Azul: 1/8
Boate Azul: 2/8
Boate Azul: 3/8
Boate Azul: 4/8
Boate Azul: 5/8
Boate Azul: 6/8
Boate Azul: 7/8
Boate Azul: 8/8

Bruna Reis ‘Boate Azul’

Brasilia based Bruna Reis Visual artist Bruna Reis brings us a new polaroid series from her recent exhibition entitled ‘Glam’.

“The Exhibition consisted of works (made by me & the artist Gustavo Silvamaral) with the idea of luxury forgery & using glamor as a form of resistance. I invited a friend to model & we went to a motel to make these photos. The motel is filthy & cheap, but Laura looks like she’s worth a million dollars. All the photos were taken with a Polaroid to reinforce the idea of the trash, small format photos with little resolution compared to other cameras.”



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