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BORN WILD from Marin Troude on Vimeo.

Marin Troude ‘Born wild’

French photographer & film director Marin Troude & Victor Willems bring us ‘Born wild’, a short about a small town dreamer who wants to pack up his life (& skateboard) & move it all from Nevada to Los Angeles, a skater’s paradise. Although refused entry to a skateboarding contest in LA, he sets out his own journey with his skateboard as sole partner.

“One winter evening, as I was wandering in the streets of Venice Beach, I caught sight of Michael. In Venice, when night comes, the police kick the kids out of the skatepark. So they hide away under the Venice sign on Windward avenue, to drink, smoke, skate & hang around. At the time, with Victor Willems, the co-director, we were looking for a talented young skater & actor to play in our latest short film.Standing alone far away, I was just looking at him, not daring to go and meet him. However, I had no doubt : we had just found our main actor. I was on my own, so I hesitated for a long time to go and talk to him. Probably because our backgrounds were so different, and I think, could be an obstacle. I didn’t want to miss my shot and I was afraid to be rejected by this group, which at first sight, could look very hostile. But I told myself that if I didn’t go & see them right now, this film would probably never see the light of day. So I found a pretext to draw his attention, and we started talking.

Despite our differences, we became good friends. A few days later, I came to see him again to finally offer him the part. & against all odds, he accepted without hesitating. At the moment, with Victor, we only had just a vague idea of what our script would be, but we deeply felt we had go ahead with this adventure. The next day, the three of us left Los Angeles to get deliberately lost in the north of Nevada. During ten days, we travelled in the mountains and in the desert, looking for some beautiful spots to shoot. Only after of few days did Michael finally confide in us. We realized that in fact, behind his self-confidence and nonchalant air, there was a real fragility and a big heart. He confessed that he had left Florida a few months before, for Los Angeles, to become a pro skateboarder and live his childhood dream. At this very moment, Victor & I looked at each other and realized that we had just finally got our script.

This film is really inspired by a true story. A lot of people will recognize themselves in this risky journey, mostly chaotic & unfortunately with a sad ending. Indeed LA remains, regrettably the city of broken dreams. But I really wanted to make a film different from what we usually see. I wanted to pay tribute to courage, perseverance & mostly hope. Because what I found fascinating in particular, was the beauty behind this approach, which could look crazy & naive at first sight. Who has never dreamt of dumping everything & going far away to live his dream? Not many people take a chance. Michael did. & it doesn’t matter whether he was successful or not, what matters is what it took him to get where he wanted to be. So ‘Born Wild’ is not simply the story of Michael, but that of an entire lost generation struggling to exist & fulfil its dreams.”

Music by Hell It’s Paradise.



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